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Storm Damage

Hail Damage, tornado damage, wind damage, roof damage, siding damage or shingle damage. We will be happy to serve you.

Home or Business Restoration

Whether it’s your home or commercial business, Our qualified specialists are eager to assist you throughout the insurance claim handling process.

Featured Work


  • Roofing

    Tile, wood, slate and metal.

  • Siding

    Siding and wall cladding is the exterior material applied to the walls of a house or other building meant to shed water, protect the walls from the effects of weather, insulate, and is a key in the aesthetics of the structure.

  • Gutters

    Also known as a “rain catcher”, is a narrow channel, or trough, forming the component of a roof system which collects and diverts rainwater away from the roof edge.

  • Interior Restoration

    Drywall, painting, insulation, windows, doors and more!


Avalon Restoration Co. specialists are qualified to make industry standard judgments. Our experts will inspect your roof for storm damages consistent with high speed, straight-line winds, and hail impact marks.

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